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Anchor Funding Reviews 2016
George L, 11/3/2016

We used Anchor Funding for our loan on a new home. We worked directly with Jon Engelhardt, one of their loan officers. He went above and beyond. Due to builder mistakes our closing date was moved twice. The last move was beyond our loan lock date but Jon worked with us and the builder to smoothly get them to cover the loan extension costs. He also caught one of the builder mistakes for us (a home configuration issue) early enough to get the builder to correct it easily. I'm sure that other loan officers would not have payed attention when we talked about our new home and thus would not have later caught the builder error. And he held our hand, so to speak, with advice about the final walk-thru, how to handle serious discrepancies, etc. Since Jon is also a realtor, he knew all of the twists and turns of acquiring a new house and we felt totally confident with him. We must have had more than 20 phone conversations from loan application until closing and twice that many email exchanges, often on the weekends. Jon was always available and responsive, always ready to answer all our questions.


Anchor Funding Reviews 2016
Mark G, 10/15/2016

I called Kevin Lyons about doing a refi in my house. The receptionist was courteous and put me right through to Kevin. We talked about my needs and he offered me a zero points deal that lowered my interest rate and saved me $223 per month. The docs and paperwork were fairly simple and It took 45 days to close. Really quite pleasant experience. Best loan transaction I've had. Recommend Kevin and Anchor highly.


Anchor Funding Reviews 2016
David S, 9/15/2016

My wife and I live in San Diego and wanted to refinance our home. I had heard Anchor Funding's ads on the radio and already knew of their excellent reputation, so Kevin Lyons was the obvious choice to do our refi for us. One of the best decisions we've made yet. Kevin and his team not only made the entire process easy and explained everything clearly, but also held up their end of the bargain flawlessly. We usually don't do reviews but we had to in this case. Kevin is a great person who truly cares about his clients. All the people in his staff who we met are the same way. There's an honest, capable and respectful culture throughout this organization. We highly recommend this firm!


Anchor Funding Reviews 2016
Debbie D, 7/4/2016

Hi. We just completed a second refinance with Kevin Lyons. He lowered our interest rate with a no cost refinance. We now are saving an additional three hundred dollars a month. Once again Kevin and his staff made the process easy and Efficient. We closed in 25 days. Kudos to Kevin, Rosie and the rest of Anchor. Don't waste your time calling anyone else.


Anchor Funding Reviews 2016
Gary H, 5/15/2016

After hearing an ad on the radio for Anchor Funding, I called out of the blue one day to see if Kevin could help me with my financial situation. I needed new transportation, but did not feel I could realistically afford payments for a new car. After speaking with his receptionist, I spoke to Kevin. He listened and checked into my situation right over the phone. After determining he could actually help me, he gave me a list of items to bring to the office. I was diligent and emailed him all the documents at once, with one exception because it had to be ordered. Kevin and Anchor Funding were polite, courteous, and professional. Before I knew it, I had paid off my student loan, all my credit card debt, and purchased an almost new car and paid cash for it (i.e., NO PAYMENTS). I can't tell you how happy I am with Kevin Lyons and Anchor Funding.


Anchor Funding Reviews 2016
Nicole E. La Jolla, CA 3/19/2016

I just closed my home loan with Kevin Lyons of Anchor Funding. The rate was lower at closing than when we started. Kevin and Anchor went above and beyond. Wow .. He saved me over $259 a month with a no cost refi.. We closed in 21 days too


Anchor Funding Reviews 2016 San Diego
Lisa A. San Diego, CA 3/3/2016

A few months ago I heard about Anchor Funding on AM 600 during the morning news. I called and spoke with Kevin Lyons about a refinance. Due to my situation Kevin could not help me at the time. He answered my questions though and gave me some advice. I called back a few months later after my situation had improved based on his advice and this time I was able to qualify for a loan. We just closed our loan and ended up being able to pay off some credits cards too. The whole process was quick and easy. The staff was friendly and helpful. Plus they are local.


Anchor Funding Reviews 2016 San Diego
Emma E. San Diego, CA 2/25/2016

I heard about Kevin Lyons and Anchor Funding on 760 am radio. I called him to see about refinancing my home. He spent some time on the phone with me and we met at his office. Kevin and his staff were polite, professional and extremely efficient. 3 weeks later my loan closed. The whole experience was simple, easy and was one of the more enjoyable mortgage processes I have gone through. Thumbs up to Kevin and Anchor Funding


Anchor Funding Reviews 2015
Doug D. San Diego, CA 10/21/2015

Exceptional service! My wife and I are both self-employed so our last 2 refi's thru banks(WF and B of A) have been painful and long drawn out-2-3 months! It was 40 days from the first call and speaking to Kevin to funding of our new loan at a great rate! Wow! I won't use anyone else again.

Anchor Funding Reviews 2015
Sushi L. San Diego, CA 6/14/2015

We refied with this company and had no problems throughout the process. We did a lot of homework and shopped around for best rates and Kevin was willing to match the lowest rate found. Looking forward to hundreds saved monthly!

Anchor Funding Reviews 2015
Anita S. San Diego, CA 7/22/2015

This is our second time using Anchor Funding. I was very familiar with Kevin because I worked at the station he advertises on and knew him very well as a frequent advertiser on the Rick Roberts show. A few years back my husband and I were looking to refinance our home to lower the interest rate as my husband was retiring in a few years. When we contacted Kevin we were already dealing with another mortgage broker and where just about to sign final docs when my husband and I decided to get in contact with Kevin to see if we could do better. Kevin ALWAYS made himself available he returned all of our calls very quickly and was and is always very clear and up front with what he is able to help you accomplish with regards to refinancing. Anytime we had a question either Kevin or one of the more that capable team members was able to assist us in every way. With Kevin and Anchor Funding we were able to lower our interest rate and save close to $600 a month. Everything was done exactly on time and we could not be happier with our experiences with Kevin Lyons and Anchor Funding we would definitely use them again and I highly recommend their services.

Anchor Funding Reviews 2015
Wendi O. La Mesa, CA 3/18/2015

HOLY SMOKES! I am not going to lie i was a little sketchy at first, I mean what kind of business doesn't take a percentage, a point or any kind of profit from me? This business! I had my dad call and speak to him to make sure I wasn't being taken advantage of as a woman. My dad is very business savvy and especially with finances. They spoke on the phone and my dad told me he was legit. My father and I went down together to sign paperwork and Kevin explained everything to us from start to finish. He was very polite and answered all of our questions. No joke from the time i started the Re-fi, I did the appraisal 4 days later and my loan closed in 2 weeks. I got a check and from Anchor funding for a percentage of my appraisal fee back as well as a thank you gift which i thought was very nice. I recommended anchor funding to my friends as well and they also closed in 2 weeks and were VERY happy with the outcome and savings! I will continue to recommend anchor funding and kevin to my friends , family and coworkers.


Anchor Funding Reviews 2014
Randy E. San Diego 2/6/2014

I was referred to Anchor Funding by a friend and came in with mixed feelings.  Kevin is one of a kind!  Full of energy, failure is not an option type approach.  From start to finish...3 weeks closing on a refinance.  Top notch crew (Lisa you know who you are!). You would be disappointed if you didn't try Kevin and his professional crew first.  Thanks Kevin and team for making me look at you first in all my real estate financing.  Sounds to good to be true?  Find out for yourself!

Kevin Lyons Anchor Funding Review
 Sheldon K. San Diego, CA. 12/12/2013

My experiences with Kevin Lyons have been as good as it gets.  I have been doing business with him since 2010 and during that time have refinanced my home three times at minimal cost to me.  When I first met Kevin my interest rate was 6.5%.  I had a 30 yr. fixed loan that I acquired when I purchased my home in 2007, the first 10 years were interest only.  Kevin worked wonders.  Because I had in excess of $200,000 in equity I was able to pullout $50,000 to remodel and obtain a 4.9% 30 yr fixed loan, P & I.  Two more refinances later, Kevin got me down to 3.5%, my payments are lower than they were in the first instance when I was making interest only payments, and he has saved me thousands in interest yearly.  When I got my mortage statement for January this morning I felt I just had to express my thanks for the terrific job Kevin has done for me.  He has certainly made my financial life a lot easier.  Thanks Kevin for everything.

Anchor Funding Refinance Reviews
 Duy D. San Diego, CA. 10/28/2013

My cousin suggested Jon from Anchor Funding for refinancing my house. Jon and Lisa did really good job. They helped me refinance my house and saved me $500 a month per month. Jon is a knowledgeable broker, his suggestions were really helpful. I am the first owner so I have many problems with my loan but Jon and Lisa were helping me with all requirement papers from the bank. Asking for Jon and your loan will be done quickly.

Anchor Funding Refi  Reviews
JC. San Diego CA. 9/20/2013

I have been working with Anchor Funding for over 3 years.  Specifically with Eli Moss.  I have done well over 6 refis with him personally and he has taken care of numerous friends and family members.  I have truly enjoyed working with Eli and his staff.

Eli and his team got all of our loans completed quickly, easily and efficiently! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate his efforts on rates and fees, as well.

On my personal residence, I was really in a bind, because I just found out it had an ARM and that was a total surprise that the current loan was variable!

Eli and his team came through with flying colors.  Not only was the new loan approved fast, but the rate was absolutely amazing and unbeatable.

It's a pleasure to work with true professionals. I would highly recommend Eli Moss and Anchor Funding to anyone who needs a loan fast and efficiently.  They are very competitive.

Anchor Funding Reviews
Melanie B. San Diego CA. 7/29/2013

I had two refinance experiences with Kevin and could not be happier!  Kevin and his staff were always professional, efficient and extremely pleasant to deal with.  Kevin always returned my calls and responded to my emails quickly.  I would never go anywhere else!  I hope he never retires.

Anchor Funding Reviews
  Hakan L. 8/23/2012

I called these guys (actually I called Academy Funding, but they apparently are affiliated) and Eli Moss quickly returned my call. He took all necessary information over the phone and emailed me a re-fi estimate within a few hours. I compared their closing costs and rate with two other places and Anchor beat them in both areas. After giving it some thought for about a week I decided to go ahead, called Eli back and started the process. From here on it was an extremely smooth, I was surprised. About 2 weeks into the process I was thinking to myself if I should give Eli a call to see if he could do anything to the rate, I was watching the news and the rates were coming down a little. I knew my rate was locked, but I figured it was worth a try. This may sound weird, but I didn't get to give him a call that morning when I checked the market, and a few hours later he _called me_ out of the blue! He said he had great news, he was able to cut down the rate and also lower the closing costs! Very very impressed with his honesty, he could've just kept the profit.
Working with the appraiser, loan officer and escrow was a breeze, especially the loan officer (Lisa) was extremely helpful! I had trouble getting a particular bank statement from my remote bank and they worked with me to resolve the matter very efficiently.
In the end I saved a nice chunk of change and closed in about 3 weeks from the day I told them to go ahead. I've done re-fi before, and both used and new-home financing and this was by far the best experience.

Anchor Funding Reviews
Mary A. San Diego, CA.

Wow, I'm very surprised this was so easy and we are self employed usually difficult to get financing. They refinanced my home and that went well, also Kevin asked about our rental condo and made a big difference for us. He saved us more than $ 200.00 per month and cut off 9 years from the loan. We will retire with the rental home Paid Off Free and Clear. The rent of $ 1500.00 will add to our income and gave us a large increase to our bottom line. 
Thank you - Very Impressive, Mary A.

Anchor Funding Mortgage Reviews

Idk who Kevin is... but I do know STEVEN HYDE. I'm a relator and work with sellers and buyers in North County.I have personally worked with him on some of my deals. Steven is the best and I highly recommend him. He's a hard worker and very knowledgable in his industry. Steven always goes out of his way and gets the job done! I always look forward to working with him, because i know my clients are in great hands! I highly recommend him to everyone! Give Steven a call today!

Anchor Funding Ratings
RN M. San Diego, CA.

I had doubts that the value of our house would support a refinance; but I called Anchor Funding and spoke with Eli Moss.  He reassured us that it could all be done... He was right!!  We got a great interest rate at a low cost and are now set for the next 30 years.  Everyone at the office was extremelly professional and diligent about their work.  All of our questions were answered quickly and completely.  I would definitely work with Eli again in the future.

Anchor Funding Refinance Reviews
Ron. S Le Mesa, CA.

I went to refinance my home to get a low % rate and saved 1 3/8 % secured a 4% loan without points paid. We went to Kevin during Christmas holiday and was surprised that we got through the deal in weeks. I got some equity out to fix the kitchen remodel and will save money long term. I would do it all again if the rates go any lower!

Anchor Funding Lending Review
Michael M. Santee, CA.

Mike, Santee CA.  Anchor Funding Review.  First I would like to thank Anchor Funding for their professional service and attention to detail, from their reception staff to loan processing, notary service, everyone was knowledgable courteous, and Most of All got the job done in a timely manner.  They saved us over $200 a month, which is huge for us.  Eli Moss was a pleasure to work with.  He not only came through with an excellent rate, however when rates dropped while we were in the closing process was able to get us the lower rate (3.875).  From start to finish, began application in Dec. 2011, closed Jan. 2012.  I would highly recommend Anchor Funding; and would use them again.  Thank you.

Anchor Funding San Diego
Jerry N Oceanside, CA.

I wanted to find a local lender who I could reach out and touch if I needed to, see them eye to eye and size them up.

I found Anchor Funding and met with Kevin Lyons. A lot of energy that guy!.
We went through my options and found a loan and a rate that met all my expectations.

Most importantly I DID qualify for that rate. I now have a low rate, low payment and more breathing room each month. rates are pretty low right now, so like any company they were handling a lot of volume. Kevin did return my calls when I called. It was not always the same day, but he did make a point of keeping me in the loop. I am posting this because I feel like Kevin and Anchor Funding deserve kudos for a job well done.

Anchor Funding Carlsbad Reviews
Jay B, Carlsbad, CA.

Called Anchor Funding and talked with Eli Moss about refinancing my home loan and he provided me with several options. Found Eli and his staff to be very helpful and they toke time to walking me thru the loan process. The rate was fantastic and from start to finish of loan process toke 30 days. I couldn't be happier with the process or the rate provided. I would recommend this company to my family and friends. If the rates should drop lower I would refinance again with Anchor Funding. A great company to work with.

Anchor Funding La Jolla Reviews
Debbie D. La Jolla, CA.

I heard a commercial for Kevin Lyons and Anchor Funding on the radio and took a chance calling.  I had called a few companies and gotten their rates.  His rates were very competitve.  He delivered exactly what was disclosed in the initial good faith estimate he provided.   There were no closing costs. Kevin and his staff were professional and kind.  Anchor makes their money by immediately selling your loan to a big bank.  It's a plus for everyone as long as you have a decent  credit score and can show decent income. They saved me over $200.00 on my mortgage payment.  I imagine that some of the other "not so good" postings below are a result of unqualified people unhappy with not getting what they think they qualify for.  I was happy with this company and would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Anchor Funding Refinance Reviews
Clive H. San Diego, CA.

Anchor Funding Did a great job for me. I am on my 2nd refinance on investment properties saving plenty of $ My dealings with the banks was nothing but a nightmare..GOOD BY BOA WELLS F. CHASE and there were more expensive and a higher rate....

Anchor Funding services
Braden W. San Diego, CA.

Kevin refinanced my home loan. He saved me $300 on the payments. He was polite, professional and returned all my calls. Hands down, a great refinance experience. I would highly reccomend him and Anchor Funding inc

Anchor Mortgage and Lending
Stephanie S. San Diego, CA.

This was the third company I went through to try and refi my rental property and pay off some debt. I almost closed with a different company and would have paid points and close my credit card. Stephen H. and his team were quick and efficient. I didn't have to pay points or lose my credit card that I've had for several years. My own bank was a awful and failed to respond to my inquiries. In fact I don't even think my bank was even interested in helping their own customer. With Anchor Funding, it was a painless process and Stephen H. always kept me up to date throughout the process.

Anchor Lending reviews
Paul A. San Diego, CA.

Anchor Funding really helped us out when we thought we could not purchase a home. I was amazed how efficient and thorough they where.
My wife is like a 5 year old. She cannot believe that she finally owns a home. 
We could not have done it with Anchor Funding. They are the best!!!

Anchor Mortgage Reviews
Victor T. San Diego, CA.

Worked with Anchor Funding to try to lower my rate but our lender would not do it.  Kevin and I spoke several times along the process and when we both agreed that the conditions were not right for either of us, we both agreed to part ways.  Kevin was very professional about the entire thing.

Anchor Funding Kevin Lyons Reviews
Tamara W. San Diego, CA.

My husband and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Anchor Funding and Kevin Lyons.  All of their staff was helpful and efficient.  We had an unusual loan and we were either turned down or were given the run around by other companies. Kevin, told us he could do it no problem from the start, promised to get it done in a fantastic time frame, and with a great rate. He greatly succeeded past our expectations. Kevin is an impressive, confident, and extremely proficient professional who will get the job done for you and your family. We highly recommend Kevin Lyons and Anchor Funding to anyone who is interested in getting a loan.

Anchor Funding Reviews in Escondido CA.
Cat. M Escondido, CA.

I heard about Anchor Funding on the "Rick Roberts" morning talk show.  We were in an ARM mortgage and not looking forward to the expiration and the interest rate going up.  I called Anchor Funding and spoke to the President. Kevin Lyons.  What a great guy!  Personality and customer service all tied up in one.  He did everything he said he would do.  When I called to ask questions they were promptly answered.  I've been through too many refinances to not know the difference.  This was the easist one I have ever experienced and most pleasant one.  Five stars they have earned.  I recommend them to everyone!

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Anchor Funding Inc. San Diego

  • You and those I met of your staff made the re-financing of my mortgage very pleasant.
    Thank you for being ther for me and your many clients. With all good wishes,

    Dorothy A.
    San Diego
  • Thank you for doing such a great refinance of our home!!  It was fast, easy and smooth.

    Thank you for the delicious box of candy.  Wow, what a sweet surpise. Thanks again.

    Fred & Guida R
    La Mesa
  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work on our refinance. We really appreciate it.

    Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    Ed & Shannan R
    El Cajon
  • We would like to thank you and your staff for the most painless and fastest re-fiance we have ever been through. In 47 years we have done a lot of property buying, selling and refinancing. 
    Working with you was actually pleasant and to top that You sent Us Godivia Choclates !!!

    George & Jinx P

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